Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fresh for Spring

Our friend Sean from Cafe Sopra got a really good review today, (to add to his growing list of reviews), and in celebration I'd like to introduce a new guest blogger. Cafe Sopra is becoming known for hearty portions of super-fresh, exceptional quality ingredients so I've asked Thetimbo2000 to inspire us this week with something Sopra-esque and appropriate for the lovely spring weather we've been having. TheTimbo2000 has been working in kitchens all of his adult life until recently when left the heat of the kitchen to work for one of Australia's premier meat wholesaler. Once we've got a recipe I might even talk the Wine Department out of his blogging hiatus to give us a few wine match suggestions...

(I'm also playing around with some new looks for spring - sorry if things look a bit ratty while I settle on something!)